Back in November 2019 Dat Dads’ Club was contacted by the United Way of St. Charles about local Boy Scout troops.  After a short discussion we at Dat Dads’ Club are proud to partner with the United Way of St. Charles Parish to give back to the Boy Scouts.  Area troop leaders received a check from Dat Dads’ Club based on the size of their troop. 

We spoke to some of the troop leaders to see how they would be using the money, here are some of the responses:

“Several of our scouts families are low income and some have multiple members of our troop. This money will help offset some of the expenses and the increase in registrations fees announced by the BSA in October 2019.” Troop 370, 29 active youth.  

“We were able to visit the USS Alabama and spend the night.” Pack 267, 50 active youth.

“This funding allows us to bring additional educational experiences to the scouts such as summer camps, learning leadership and outdoor survival skills.”  Troop 317, 34 active youth.

This effort that was spearheaded by the United Way through Dat Dads’ Club is a way to ensure that money raised locally is distributed locally. Dat Dads’ Club is proud to be a part of the lives of the youth of St. Charles Parish and is proud to team up with the folks at United Way of St. Charles.