4th Annual Gradoux on the Bayou

You have been waiting for our 4th Annual Gradoux on the Bayou and it is finally here! This year we will be adding a gumbo category since it looks like we may have some chilly temperatures.
Join us on December 11th, 2021, at the parking lot of the River Parish Community College-United Way of St. Charles Campus, 13145 Hwy 90 in Boutte, for a parish party like no other.  12pm the gates open and we will go until 3pm, or the gumbo runs dry. 
Battle for the Paddle, our local United Way of St. Charles event was a casualty of Hurricane Ida. We are holding this event for the United Way as a campaign fundraising event.
United Way had to cancel an event that the community loves dearly. Our board of directors decided to step up and host the event to give the community a chance to blow off some steam and let their hair down a bit. Mark your calendars.



Get your cooking teams together and sign your teams up now! You will not want to miss this event. All proceeds will be donated to the noted Way of St. Charles Parish. Tickets will only be available at the door and are $5, 8 and under get in free. Doors open to the public at noon.
Sign up as a cooking team, or as a sponsor.
For the Public
No need to cook on December 11th.  Simply gather up your friends and family and head on over to the River Parish Community College -United Way of St. Charles Campus, and pay $5 to each UNLIMITED samples for the cooking teams.  Pastalaya and Gumbo are on the menu and a lot of the team like to bring a little, “Lagniappe.”
We will have public parking available at the West St. Charles Baptist Church and golf cart parking in the parking lot of the event!
Our beneficiary is the United Way of St. Charles Parish The United Way normally hosts a parish-uniting ‘Battle for the Paddle’ event that pits the best cooking teams in Louisiana against themselves and then serves up the meals to an eager public. 
Since Hurricane Ida has filled the dance card of the United Way, we took it upon ourselves at Dat Dads’ Club to make this event happen -as much for the United Way as for the citizens of this great parish and region.  We hope you join us on December 11th at noon for some great food and comradery!
Our event promises good food, lots of good friends, a DJ and we are inviting a vendors to complete the event. Think you have what it takes to compete with industry all-stars? 
Sign a team up and lets see what you got!  Cooking team slots start at $150 and we provide bowls and utensils.
I want to be a MEMBER of Dat Dads’ Club.  I am sending my $25 via Paypal.  I have included my address, send me one of those cool Dat Dads’ Club decals for my car window.
I can’t commit my time right now, but I’d like to send you a few bucks to be put to good use by Dat Dads’ Club fundraising activities.  I understand my donations are tax deductible.
Dat Dads’ Club of Luling is a 501(c)(3) public charity and a licensed Louisiana non-profit. All donations are tax deductible subject to IRS rules. Determination Letter