Welcome to our website, the internet home of DAT DADS’ CLUB OF LULING!

On October 9, 2017, Dat Dads’ Club of Luling was informed of a scam involving a GoFundMe account purporting to be Dat Dads’ Club of Luling soliciting money for the victims of the Las Vegas shootings.  This is currently being investigated by the Louisiana Attorney Generals Office.  We just want to make all of our supporters aware of this scam.  Please do not give money to anyone claiming affiliation with Dat Dads’ Club.  Feel free to contact any board member with questions.

This non-profit organization was born from the idea of two friends, organizing other friends, to help local families in need.  Dat Dad’s Club is organized exclusively for charitable purposes including the making of distributions to families in need.  We welcome those in our community who want to join us as members of our organization.

Our first fundraising event was held March 25th, 2017.  Please help us show our appreciation of our event sponsors by visiting their page, stopping by their business or just saying “Thanks” for helping us to help!

Our latest fundraiser, Cooking for a Cause, was held on Saturday, August 19th, 2017 starting at the Westbank Bridgepark.  We would like to thank all 20 plus teams that participated plus the hundreds of people who attended and had some great pastalaya.  In our efforts for this latest event, Dat Dads’ Club was able to raise nearly $28,000.00, all of which is being donated to the Martinez and Tassara family.



I want to be a MEMBER of Dat Dads’ Club.  I am sending my $25 via Paypal.  I have included my address, send me one of those cool Dat Dads’ Club decals for my car window.
I can’t commit my time right now, but I’d like to send you a few bucks to be put to good use by Dat Dads’ Club fundraising activities.  I understand my donations are tax deductible.

Dat Dads’ Club of Luling is a 501(c)(3) public charity and a licensed Louisiana non-profit. All donations are tax deductible subject to IRS rules. Determination Letter